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Hello Folks,
Further to my earlier posts for some shopping during this festive season, below are some more links for Women’s / Men’s Apparel, Clothing, Lingerie, Kids Wear & other Accessories.

Accessories Backpacks fro Men & Women Upto 60% Off
Accessories Baggit Upto 70% Off
Accessories Caprese Upto 50% Off
Accessories Hidesign Upto 50% Off
Accessories Lavie Upto 80% Off
Accessories Mens Bags Upto 50% Off
Accessories Mens Wallets, Pouches & Cases Upto 60% Off
Accessories Women Handbags Upto 70% Off
Kids Wear Bella Moda Flat 60%
Kids Wear Cranberry Club Flat 60%
Kids Wear Kittens Upto 50%
Kids Wear Levi’s Flat 60%
Kids Wear Lilliput Flat 50%
Kids Wear Naughty Ninos Upto 50%
Kids Wear Nauti Nati Flat 50%
Kids Wear PSpeaches Flat 40%
Kids Wear UFO Flat 50%
Kids Wear Zoop Starting 450
Kids Wear
Lingerie Hunkemoller(exclusive) Upto 70% off
Lingerie Infinity (Exclusive) Flat 55% off
Lingerie Lingerie & Nightwear(exclusive) upto 85% off
Lingerie Pretty Secrets( Exclusive ) Upto 55 percent off
Lingerie Triumph Upto 50% Off
Mens Apparel Celio Upto 70% Off
Mens Apparel Celio Min. 50% Off
Mens Apparel Globus Flat 399
Mens Apparel Globus Flat 599₹598-₹600%3AinStockFlag%3Atrue&isFacet=true&facetValue=true
Mens Apparel Hawes & Curtis Flat 60% Off
Mens Apparel Lee Min. 50% Off
Mens Apparel Levi’s Upto 60% Off
Mens Apparel Mens Jeans Under 1499/-
Mens Apparel Mens T-Shirt Under 399/-
Mens Apparel Pepe Upto 70% Off
Mens Apparel Pepe Min 50% off
Mens Apparel Rigo Flat 70% Off Waiting for discounts to reflect to put links
Mens Apparel s.Oliver Flat 60% Off
Mens Apparel Shirts Under 799/-
Mens Apparel Spykar Flat 60% Off
Mens Apparel Status Quo Upto 70% Off
Mens Apparel Sweatshirts & Jackets Under 1999
Mens Apparel
Mens Footwear Alberto Toressi Flat 50 %
Mens Footwear Buckaroo Flat 60%
Mens Footwear Clarks Min. 50%
Mens Footwear Crocs Min 50% + Addn 20% coupon
Mens Footwear Franco Leone Flat 60 %
Mens Footwear Nike Upto 50 %
Mens Footwear Puma Up to 55 %
Mens Footwear Red Tape Flat 65% Off
Mens Footwear Reebok & Adidas Flat 40 %
Mens Footwear Reebok Flipflops Flat 60% off
Mens Footwear Vans Flat 60% Off/Min. 50% Off
Mens Footwear
Watches Fastrack Upto 40% Off
Watches Fossil Upto 30% Off
Watches Guess Upto 30% Off
Watches Mens Watches Upto 70% Off
Watches Overall Watches Upto 70% Off
Watches Timex Upto 40% Off
Watches Titan Upto 70% Off
Watches Victorinox Flat 10% Off
Watches Womens Watches Upto 40% Off
Womens Apparel 109 F Flat 80 % Off
Womens Apparel Globus Flat 399/Flat 70
Womens Apparel International Brands Up to 80 % Off
Womens Apparel Kurtis Flat 399
Womens Apparel Mineral Mineral dresses at 599
Womens Apparel New Look Flat 70% Off
Womens Apparel Phase Eight, Oasis, Warehouse, FG-4, MIM, Lipsy Upto 80% Off (TBC)
Womens Apparel Vero Moda,Only Up to 60 % Off
Womens Apparel Womens Dresses Under 699/-
Womens Apparel Women’s Ethnic Wear 299 Store
Womens Apparel Womens Kurtas Under 699/-
Womens Apparel Womens Tops Under 399/-
Womens Apparel Women’s Western Wear 299 Store
Womens Apparel
Womens Footwear Addons Flat 60%
Womens Footwear Aldo Flat 50%
Womens Footwear Call It Spring Flat 50%
Womens Footwear Catwalk UP to 65%
Womens Footwear Clarks Min. 50%
Womens Footwear La Briza Flat 70% Off
Womens Footwear Steve Madden Up to 70%
Womens Footwear Truffle Collection Flat 60% off
Womens Footwear Womens Footwear Flat 60% off
Womens Footwear Womens Footwear Under 599/-


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