Take Care of Yourself! 


Quarter life crisis – not a new thing though. Almost every person goes through the phase. At early 20’s most of us end up taking bad decisions and in the end suffers from the consequences. Calm down. It’s okay. Nobody’s perfect. So, mistakes are fine. It’s okay to make as much mistakes before your 30’s. To learn what you actually wanted from life.

So change in lives, is very frequent at this point in most cases. To cope with the change its not easy always . So I would like to share few real life advices to accept the change. Hope this helps.

1.Maintain a planner.

If you are not the person of maintaining a planner, shrug off that attitude. It’s time to get yourself one.

Plan your routine, try to maintain it.

This will help you to be more organised.

2. Meditate:

Meditation has an old connection with…

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