Why did I cut my hair so short?


Change in looks has a close relationship with a new/fresh start.

When you tend to make some decisions, you need to hold yourself together. Sometimes it is so hard and sometimes not! But the harsh truth is, time heals it all. Everything comes with the act of acceptance.

The fast you accept things, it’s better for you. In my case it’s similar. But, more I was concerned about my shoulder length boring locks. So, needed a change.

So, I cut it really short. The consequences to my new super short locks, it suits my personality. Moreover, both wavy and straight locks suit me so well. So, it’s hard to decide.

1. Straightened locks.

2. Wavy locks.

I dunno! I love my new hair. And, my new life indeed.

It’s also very easy to maintain! Yay to the short hair trend.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

Have a great day…

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