Awhile back I went through this serious lipstick faze. Just lipstick. Then it progressed to lipliner with lipstick. So I decided to give you all swatches of my current lipstick nudes. Everyone of them are very affordable and nearly timeless. Today i’ll starting off with the nudes collection. I added in two purpleish colors because I have found that if you apply a little of those darker colors around the corner of your lips, then add the nude, it gives it a beautiful ombré effect. Over this week I will be adding more swatches of different colors I love. Tell me what you think babes.

▪️ For the soft ombré effect, I used Aquaphor for base, Mauvy Night by Revlon around the edges, Jennifer’s Nude by L’Oréal for the nude, and L’Oréal Infallible lipliner in Plum.

Ombré lips soft



ption id=”attachment_104″ align=”alignnone” width=”3024″]Nudes Nudes <<<
ption id=”attachment_103″…

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