As you are well aware, I am a self proclaimed stationery addict and in this blogpost I am going to be talking to you about some of my favourite stationery products that I have got lately in celebration of National Stationery Week! I’ll be featuring my favourite stationery brands/stores in this post and I also have a discount code for you to use on one of the websites!!


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All of my hairstyles



Hey. Over the years I passed several different hairstyles and it’s quite hard to keep up with them all so here is the list and time lines of each individual one.

My natural hair color is brown, but I haven’t seen that color since I was 13. I always wanted to color them red, but my mum was strictly against it.

Funny story: as at that time Facebook wasn’t as essential as it is now, and adding your parents to your friends list was a big deal for most of the teenagers (me including), me and my mum made a deal: She would allow me to dye my hair and in exchange I would accept her friendship request. So that’s how I colored my hair for the first time.

I added my mum on Facebook but I blocked all of my posts from her though. As my mum is…

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Denim blouse



Hey some time ago I ordered this denim blouse from romwe for our fashion reviews program. If you want to know more about how exactly our review program works check out this article where I explained it all. As this was long time ago since i ordered it, it’s no longer in stock at romwe site. Romwe offers many other similar blouses at this page here. Don’t forget to use my discount code  natalia to get 5$ off 69$+ orders.

I liked how it looked like at official product page but reality is way different from that – in much better way. This is product page photo vs mine photo.

First of all color is much brighter and intense blue. Material at official product photo looks very thin, cheap and easy to roll up as the lady in photo show. In reality is much tighter and thinner denim material that  it’s not very…

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