These are probably one of the most delicious cocktails I’ve ever made. Cocktail ice pop? Whatever you want to call them, they’re GOOD. The ones in this photo, in particular, have lasted in the freezer all week. And they’re so easy to make. So follow the instructions below for my summertime frozé ice pops and…

via Summertime Frozé Ice Pops – Thank Me Later — Simply by Simone


Outside the box x

Maison Bentley Style

Maybe summer is finally here, even with the cooler breeze this week jumpers and layers have become redundant and the blue sky is becoming a regular visitor.  Charlie is away on a school trip, the Husband is away on business, so it’s just Bella and I at home so we’ve been heading out in the evenings, just the two of us.  It’s felt like our own holiday, something that sits well with the soul.  Which has raised the thought, why wait for special times to do something different? Wether it’s a change of routine or changing the way you use a space, like these pics prove, little things can make a big difference.

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Food for thought. Enjoy.

Laters, Kate x

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